Relationship Abuse

We all have many kinds of relationships - with family, friends, partners, and people in the community.

Relationships and experiences help to shape who you are. Healthy relationships and experiences build you up, make you feel safe, happy, capable and truly cared for. Unhealthy relationships and experiences can leave you feeling scared, betrayed, cheap, small and unsure of yourself.

What is relationship abuse?

Abuse includes things like intimidation or threats, name-calling, criticism, pushing or shoving, control over your income, where you go or who you see, forced sexual activity, disregard for your spiritual beliefs, and if you rely on others for your daily care, it could mean withholding food, medication or even a regular bath.

Calgary is home to Connect Family and Sexual Abuse Network - we’re here to help if your gut says something in your relationship isn’t quite right. We’re not here to make judgments or tell you what to do. We are here to help YOU decide what’s healthy and what’s not. And to help you find what you need – at your own pace – and confidentially.

Signs of relationship abuse

Four out of ten people in Calgary are, or have been, in relationships that are abusive or show signs of abuse. Click here for some of the many warning signs of abuse.

You Are Not Alone – Stories of Relationship Abuse

If you’ve experienced an abusive relationship, you’re not alone. Click here for some stories about people who’ve experienced abusive relationships. Do you see any similarities in your own relationships?

We understand that sometimes getting the help you need can be scary, embarrassing or just confusing. But Connect is none of those things. We’re a friendly, easy confidential service that helps you — or someone you know — find the support you need. It’s for anyone who needs help and the people who care about them.

What if I've Been Sexually Assaulted?

We are here to help, please call us.If you are experiencing or have questions about sexual abuse and sexual assault please call...1.403.237.58881.877.237.5888 Toll Free in Alberta
If you are experiencing or have questions about domestic and relationship abuse please call...1.403.234.7233(SAFE)1.866.606.7233 Toll Free in Alberta

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What if I've Been Sexually Assaulted?

For sexual abuse/assault assistance call: 1.403.237.5888 or 1.877.237.5888 Toll Free in Alberta
For domestic/relationship abuse assistance call: 1.403.234.7233(SAFE) or 1.866.606.7233 Toll Free in Alberta